Hey Action Taker !

I am Nehaa Beotra Puranik and I am India's first Perception Changer, Unplugged TedxGateway Speaker, Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Psychometric Assessor and have studied Human Resources Management from TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

My passion in life is to give you breakthroughs by eliminating your internal struggles, self-doubts that hold you back in making effective decisions and taking inspired action in life. 

I am on a mission to help you create unimaginable levels of confidence, clarity & purpose in your self-growth and your relationship life. 

I was once leading a life where pain of mind and body was my consistent companion.

In 2005 when I had just entered my twenties (as they say, the best phase of one's life) I was diagnosed with a blood disorder that turned my body immobile and crippling by the day.

I was shattered! I went into a deep shell of  under-confidence, low self belief and high self doubt. With that mindset I made all those choices, those decisions that lead to me to a darker place called  "I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH" 


So then I was stuck in an immovable body with an incurable disease, confined to a belittling, disturbing relationship and working jobs where everyday I felt, "I don't belong here".

Something within me held me back "ALL THE TIME."

Having endured it for not 1, 2, 5 but 11 years, There came a day when I said,. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE". I started evaluating the source of this consistent inaction and pain in my life. I asked myself "why I behave the way I do?"                          

While the process wasn’t easy, what I learned in the following years, it allowed me to uncover the true source of my challenges and the low quality of life I was leading. 

I had found that the source of my pain and possibilities is the same "MY PERCEPTION" 

My limited self perception had lead me to create these hurtful and fixed  mental patterns of thinking and decision making. As I realized and started breaking these patterns I mapped every piece of my journey of self transformation and condensed it into a simple 5 step system. 

My ultimate breakthrough-  it is just a switch I needed to move from  failure to success. Something that creates unbearable levels of pain can create enormous levels of pleasure too. Then , there was no looking back I redesigned every aspect of my life. Today I have a healthy body, a love life to die for and a work life of purpose . 

Now, I am all about sharing my 5-D system with aspiring action takers like you, so that you take charge of your life & make it limitless.

Do you want to experience 

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