• Your "success" is prime to us 
    ​whether you choose to work on your relationship or strengthen yourself from within. 

Nehaa offers one to one mentoring

Mediums of engagement :  In-person or Video meetings (basis mutual discussion)

You will get a personal breakthrough session with Nehaa where she will help you discover key principles that you may be missing and the actions you need to take to work towards your self achievement or making a successful relationship life.
Do you want to create a life you truly desire and deserve? Want to master your blueprint in 5 simple steps?
Mentoring helps because your mentor shares the breakthroughs and solutions out of her own experience along with her continuous study on improving the quality of human life. She has been there where you are today so she understands the pain and knows just the right system to walk you out of it.
Remember no matter what your current state is, you can make it better. It’s only a matter of making that choice and changing your perception.
Nehaa, as a true mentor walks along with you in this journey.

Which area of your life would you want to transform?

Conquer Your Voice Within

Discover the strength within you, break those internal barriers and achieve massive results. Become the Power Personality you always wanted to be, one who has confidence, clarity, direction and high self worth

Create the Love Life You Deserve

Break the zone of silence, endless blame and criticism. Reignite the lost communication  intimacy in your relationship and 

make it argument free. 

Take charge in 3 simple steps 
  1. Select a plan that caters to your need and sign-up. 
  2. Receive email confirmation and the respective discovery questionnaire.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to schedule your session. 
  4. Meet Nehaa and take charge of your life!

Deep Dive Discovery

​₹2499/- +GST 

  • Upon booking, fill-up the DEEP DISCOVERY  Questionnaire (mandatory before the session)
  • One, 60 Mins Video session
  • Deep Discovery & Analysis
  • Answers to all your pertinent questions 
  • 48 Hours Response To Book a slot


  1. Deep Dive to understand the significant gap between WHERE YOU ARE and WHERE YOU WANT TO BE in a specific area of your growth.
  2. Uncover the 3 essential strategies you need to own, to get your growth back on track.   
  3. 4 aspects of your personality and 2 habits that are making you stay where you are.
  4. 1 action that you need to take in order to bring out your inner brilliance & maximize yourself. 
  5. Discover 3 true reasons that are stopping you from becoming an Achiever & what can you do to overcome it.
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​₹ 12499/- +GST 

  • Upon booking, fill-up the BLUEPRINT DISCOVERY  Questionnaire (mandatory before the session)
  • 4×1 Hour Mentoring Video Sessions (weekly)
  • Detailed Discovery, Analysis & Action Planning supported by "Accountability and Followup
  • Limited Slots, Only for selected ACTION TAKERS!
  • Minimum 48 Hours Response To Book a slot


All the 5 listed outcomes of DEEP DIVE DISCOVERY.


  1. 3 epic tools that you can use and apply everyday to create the life you desire and deserve.
  2. Single biggest mistake that you are making right now while working on your self growth.
  3. 2 Essential thought processes to create and to get rid of.
  4. One-question tool that makes you take effective decisions and inspired actions.
  5. 2 step process to Overcome your self-doubt and fears that are holding you back. 
  6. Overview of the powerful 5-D system of Perception Changing that enables you with essential tools, effective strategies and epic formulas to REWIRE yourself inside out.
  7. Design your 30 day action plan that will support you in maintaining consistency in your journey of transformation.
  8. Consistent support on Accountability and Follow-up. 
  9. Unlimited Email Q & A with Nehaa. 
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Long Term Mentoring

Investment - Shared Upon request only

When you truly want to chisel yourself inside out and redesign your destiny, Nehaa works with you long term to make that happen.

This is for those handful few. 

Click To Apply & know more.
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