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Please find below the benefits that you will get upon engaging for long-term mentoring:  

  1. Each session will be specifically created and curated for you.
  2. Nehaa will be personally hand holding you along each step. 
  3. Deep Dive to understand your current AS IS situation in life that you feel is holding you back. 
  4. Uncover what kind of person you want to become to reach the place where would you want to be in life.   
  5. Understand the significant gap between your current and aspirational self
  6. Uncover the true reason what is stopping you from becoming an achiever, an action taker. 
  7. Discover various aspects of your personality that are making you stay where you are and not allowing you to maximize yourself. 
  8. Learn and apply the step by step the powerful 5-D system of Perception Changing that enables you to recreate your inner self, disrupt your existing way of thinking. And shine your brilliance
  9. Effective tools that you can use and apply every day to create the life you truly deserve. 
  10. Essential thought processes to create and to get rid of. 
  11. Analysis & Action Planning on the specific areas of your life. 
  12. Consistent support on Accountability and Follow-up.
  13. Unlimited Personal Q & A with Nehaa.
  14. Design your Growth tracker that maps your consistent progress.
  15. Consistent reviews to keep you on track.
  16.  FREE Access to PLATINUM MASTERMIND      an online subscription platform where you get exclusive self-assessments, learning material, latest tools, templates, frameworks, podcasts, videos to progress consistently.


​₹ 31,499/- +GST 

  • Duration: 60 Days
  • 8 x 1 Hour Mentoring Video Sessions 
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​₹ 41,499/- +GST 

  • Duration: 90 Days
  • 12 × 1 Hour Mentoring Video Sessions 
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​₹ 61,499/- +GST 

  • Duration: 120 Days
  • 16 × 1 Hour Mentoring Session (Combination of in-person and video sessions basis location & availability)
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