Rewire Yourself & become a confident 
    ​Power Personality in 5 simple steps. 

Word From Nehaa

"I know how it feels, I have lived that life filled with insecurity, self-doubt, low self -worth ,paralysis of overthinking for about 11 years

All this while I was trapped in an immovable body with an incurable disease, confined to a belittling relationship and working jobs where everyday I felt, "I don't belong here". I wanted to make real changes in life but was always confused,"how to do it?" and honestly I felt there was something within me that held me back.

As time went ticking so did my misery and suffering but thank god there came a day when I said, "enough! I want my life back and on my terms." The day I took that decision, everything just started falling in place.

 I realized this 1 thing, "the only cure to my fears, self-doubts and overthinking" is   taking "action" and changing my limited self-perception. 

I started working on myself and continued to do so for years. I liberated myself to get into a body that is no more bedridden, got myself a loving and respectful relationship, took an action of becoming and entrepreneur.  

 Every decision I took, every thinking pattern I broke, I condensed it into my  "Powerful  5-D SYSTEM OF TRANSFORMATION". 

What I am about to give you in the program will enable you take charge of your self and make your life limitless."

Is there any area of your life that you are sick of struggling with, sick of making excuses and you actually want to change it today?

Tell me something, is this your Inner Voice right now?

  • I need more self -confidence.
  • I always over-bend to accommodate other's needs.
  • I end up saying "YES" to people when I want to say "NO".
  • I am afraid of backing my own decisions.
  • I am constantly looking for validation from others.
  • I have a fear of being judged.
  • I behave the way others want me to not the way I want to.
  • I start with things I don’t finish them.
  • I procrastinate or even avoid taking action, decision. 
  • I am always in self doubt.
  • I feel stuck. 
  • I am always caught up in the loop of over thinking.
  • I want to act but I feel held-back.
  • I have fear of not being good enough.

Do You Know The Price You Are Paying By Remaining Like This?

Let me break some myths here :

If you think that your overthinking will get you the success you want? 
YOU ARE WRONG!! "Action" is the foundation to success.

Do you think just by hoping for things to improve they will? 
​THEY WILL NOT, you have to make it happen.

If you think the answer to your questions is there outside with your friends, family members, colleagues. YOU ARE WRONG, they lie within you.

Do you think just by reading books and watching self help videos will help? 
Are those solutions specifically for you? Are you implementing any of those solutions? 

If you think that your life will change if people, situations and your environment changes!  SORRY, that's never going to be in your control.


  Where You Are  

  •  Confident decision maker  one who is willing to walk the talk.
  • An  Action taker,  who does things what you set your my mind to.
  • "Powerful communicator"  who is able to voice his/her opinion, strongly.
  • An  Achiever, a role model,  one who people look up to.
  •  strong Self Believer,  one who is firm and super confident.

If your answer is YES, Then this is "exactly" what you need

You need a step by step robust system that gives you effective strategies and techniques that enables you to find: 

  • Why you are the way you are. 
  • Uncovers your beliefs and values that are driving you or holding you back?
  • Eliminates your internal struggle (self-doubt, low self worth, low self belief) that  keeps you frustrated and unhappy all the time.
  • Gives you the direction to become a POWER PERSONALITY.

Unless you know what you’re doing wrong, how can you start making it right ?

You need a mentor who :

  • Shares your pain. 
  • Has gone through where you are. 
  • Has recreated a life of confidence, clarity, direction and high self worth.
  • Will be honest and unbiased to you.

You need a step by step Action Plan that:

  • Ensures you bring a long term change and consistency of action. 
  • That helps you become super confident.
  • Have immense clarity and be the power personality you always wanted to be.

 You Get All of this and much more in this MIRACLE PROGRAM

Here are some powerful facts you should know !

 Fact 1:    Globally average age of depression has gone down from 28 to 14. WHO Study. 

 Fact 2:   Over 332 million people are estimated to suffer from depression and anxiety disorders. WHO Study.

 Fact 3:   83% of people are disengaged with their work. Gallup Study.

 Fact 4:   Average attention span of an adult is reduced to as low as 8 seconds. Microsoft Study.

 Fact 5:   Globally, only 8% of people achieve their goals they set their mind to. inc.com Study.

ASK YOURSELF, What will my life be (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially) in 
1 year if I don’t correct myself today? 

Why you need this PROGRAM RIGHT NOW?

  • Aren't you done with creating goals for yourself and never have the commitment and consistency to act on it?
  • Aren't you really done with sitting back and caught in this self sabotaging mental paralysis? 
  • Do you want to settle in a mediocre life, when you know that you deserve much more? 
  • How will you feel once you are able to act and create the life you TRULY DESIRE AND DESERVE? 

  Then what are you waiting for?  

This 3 day intensive program is your ultimate solution to break those self created limits and take control of your life !

 Here's the transformation that you can expect after undergoing the program

  • You will Discover, why you are the way you are, your internal wiring, your unique values and motivations that drives you.
  • ​Why are you not reaching your goals, how to remove your mental blocks, excuses and get things done.
  • ​3 biggest prices you are paying by choosing to live the way you are, learn 1 Power FORMULA to eliminate it forever.
  • ​Reason out your habit of postponing things and decisions in life, so that you stop over thinking and be the ACTION TAKER.
  • ​Create your CONFIDENCE ACCELERATOR framework, the epic formula for your strong belief system. 
  • ​Learn the POWER PRINCIPLE to bring out the strong communicator within you.
  • 5 essential thoughts to get rid of that stop you from becoming an effective decision maker.
  •  3 measures to build a strong and focused mind. 
  • ​Design the 3 Steps for long lasting and consistent Change.
  • ​Learn the rock solid and powerful 5-D system and start achieving your goals.
  • ​Design your 45 day action plan that will support you in maintaining consistency in your journey of transformation

Why are we so confident about your transformation.?

Because "Our SYSTEM WORKS !"

1. High Quality Curriculum

That helps you master the 5 powerful elements of breaking your existing barriers and creating a life you truly deserve.

2. Unique Perception Changing System

The system targets your transformation from 3 directions. Your mindset, your emotional well-being and your behavior. 

Every behavior you display is an outcome of your 98% mindset. First we work on your mindset, so that your behavior is automatically taken care of.

3. Experiencing the Transformational Shift

It enables you to shatter your existing perception blocks, and understand a variety of perspectives to bring out the best in you.

4. Community Support

Learn and grow by being part of the "DESTINY CONQUERERS" community (online) which brings in accountability to your transformation.

5. Action Plan for 6 Weeks

You possess 6 weeks Action oriented material where every technique, Worksheet, Exercise & Tool is so effectively crafted that you’re able to retain and integrate the new practices, behavior to become unbelievably confident about yourself.

What will you learn in this program

Step 1 : Start desiring what you deserve

 Key highlights 

  1. 2 reasons why you do not have that thriving life today, that you deserve.
  2. What are your thought patterns that keeps you in your comfort zone? How to identify them?
  3. The 3 essential techniques that I used to go from feeling stuck to making serious progress in my life.
  4. 1 simple step on How to end the never ending loop of  self criticism.
  5. D.E.S.I.R.E FORMULA to start believing that you deserve more.
Step 2: Discover your SELF BLUEPRINT

 Key highlights 

  1. Discover your SELF BLUEPRINT. Ever tried to create a relationship with yourself? Ever thought about why you end up behaving the way you do?
  2. Why you are the way you are? What is your internal wiring? What drives you in life?
  3. Discover what are those fears (rejection, judgement, failure, embarrassment etc) that cause you that consistent anxiety.
  4. What language do you speak to yourself about yourself?
  5. What are your beliefs about yourself?
  6. What are your everyday habits that are holding you back ?
  7. What are your blind spots which are damaging your personality?
  8. What is your rating on the CONFIDENCE ACCELERATOR framework?
  9. Why you haven't reached your goals till now?
  10. Discover your immediate environment and how it may or may not be the cause of you being behind?
  11. Why do you avoid or delay those pertinent everyday decisions in your life?
  12. And much more..
Step 3: How are your Perception holding you hostage?

 Key highlights 

  1. How are you trying to solve your SHIT by being in IT.
  2. 4 step technique to find the root cause of your inaction.
  3. Grab the incredible RISE UP technique to bring in a total internal shift.
  4. 1 step PERCEPTION LESS RULE to end your internal suffering and cause of consistent misery.
Step 4: Time to Rewire

 Key highlights 

  1. TIME TO REWIRE and create new powerful habits.
  2. How to build a growth mindset in 3 simple steps.
  3. Introduction to PAIN, how to adopt the mindset that pain is temporary.
  4. Create 3 foundations of becoming a PROGRESS-PRENEUR.
  5. How to stop destructive SELF TALKS & become an ACTION TAKER
  6. 3 things that stops you from leading the ideal life.
  7. 3 things you need to INSTANTLY remove from your life.
  8. 3 habits you need to introduce to your life for your success.
Step 5: MOVE...!!

 Key Highlights

  1. Create your 9 step GOAL ACHIEVEMENT FRAMEWORK  and start achieving your true desires.
  2. Design your 45 day action plan that will support you in following and maintaining consistency in your journey of transformation.
  3. Design INACTION BLOCKERS, that will prevent you from falling into the trap of inaction going forward.
  4. MIND INTENSITY AMPLIFIER, a sure shot formula for mental toughness and action taking.


Program requirement

Someone who is HUNGRY to GROW and Open to LEARN

My work is not for you if,

  1. You want quick fixes in your life.
  2. You do not want to put in the work to create powerful, successful habits.
  3. Want to take your life for granted.
  4. Can't face the reality and be honest about what's the gap you are facing in life.
  5. Don't want to take control of your life to be happy from the inside out.

Let's summarize what all you will get !

BENEFIT #1:   

3 DAYS of intensive inner work at a star rated property (non-residential).

BENEFIT #2:            

  • 2 Reinforcement tools that enable you to be your own mentor.

BENEFIT #3:            

Action oriented material, Worksheets, Exercises & Tools that are effectively crafted so that you’re able to retain, integrate the new practices, behavior to become unbelievably  confident about yourself.

BENEFIT #4:            

Work with like minded people, learn through experiences & get this deep realization that, you are not alone in this journey.

BENEFIT #5:                           

45 days action plan, a  step-by-step road-map to DESIGN YOUR DESTINY and keep you on track.

BENEFIT #6:                                                      

You will be entitled to a CERTIFICATE of participation, post you complete the workshop.

Also, An irresistible OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH NEHAA where she will PERSONALLY be your MENTOR handhold you at every step to walk you through the other side of your transformation journey. (more details to be shared in the program)

After the workshop and 100% application of the 
​5 -step system, you can expect

  • You will be a "powerful communicator" confident at speaking up your mind. You will be able to say no, when you want to.
  • You will stop over-bending for others and be respectful towards yourself and others too.
  • You will be to take strong and effective decisions keeping all perspectives in mind.
  • Be an action taker and overcome this toxic feeling of being stuck.
  • You will have clarity and direction so that you are never ever caught up in the loop of over thinking again.
  • You will have a strong belief system where you  START and FINISH every day confident, focused, and optimistic.
  • You will demolish all self-destructive beliefs and dis-empowering thoughts that are preventing you from living your ultimate life.

I know you want all of this right? Then what's the wait?


Nehaa loves decision makers and fast action takers, so here is an incredible offer for you, If you register for the program now..!


Be a part of the INNER MASTERMIND online community where you get regular self assessments, learning material, latest tools to progress consistently. 

(*once you complete the program)


Get an exclusive 60 minute 
Pre-Discovery 1:1 session with 
Nehaa before the workshop.

Worth INR 2499/- + GST 
absolutely FREE !


Get the 


template that is the 


for your decision making in any aspect of your life.


Something that can move your internal compass is what I say is PRICELESS. 

What took me 11 years to figure out, you will get it in 5 steps and 3 days only. 

 If not this, do you know what are your alternatives?  

  • Continue leading this stuck and suffocating life where every day you feel "I deserve more".
  • A consistent regret of not taking action and changing your life forever, when you know you have the potential.
  • You’ll waste your time in unnecessary conversations with friends and family who may have an intent but no solution. 
  • What would you rather bear, the PAIN OF CHANGE OR PAIN OF REGRET? CHOICE IS YOUR'S.

We have a dream, we want to live in a world where people make decisions out of their belief in themselves & not their fears. 
Where anxiety, low self worth, high self doubt are things of the past.

  Which is why I'm offering this MIRACLE Program for an INVESTMENT   that is so very small. 



   IS it going to be a STUCK, painful, unhappy life,   
​or is it going to be 
   a legacy of confidence, clarity, direction and high-self worth.   


 What Some of the Action Takers Say About Us 

Your Questions Answered Here

When is the upcoming program scheduled?

The upcoming program is planned on October 11,12,13, 2019.

What problems does this program help solve?

Here are some of the many symptoms that the program will help you solve:

  • If you feel that there a huge gap between where you are where you want to be in your life.
  • ​If you feel that there is some decision/action you want to take but unable to.
  • ​If you feel like taking charge of your life but something within you stops from doing it.
  • ​If you tend to avoid or delay dealing with tough situations, people or decisions.
  • ​If you feel you are always thinking but in reality your life is standstill.
  • ​If your fears, self-doubts, limiting self beliefs holding you back.
  • ​If you feel that you find it difficult to stand up for yourself or say "no" to people.
  • ​If you often say this to yourself, why am I not good enough.
  • ​If you often find yourself over bending to accommodate other's needs.
Nehaa,will I get answer to all my queries personally from you?
The 5 Step Perception Changing system is the answer to all your questions. It is so strong that it will make you question yourself and you will realize that all this time you had the answers within you, all you needed was a direction. 

As you will work with people just like you, by their questions and situations being discussed, you will find all your answers as well. Nehaa will be LIVE there with you to answer your questions, however in case there is anything that you will want to discuss and is very personal to you, you can always opt for a 90 minute personal mentoring with Nehaa either before or after the program (details available under the tab called "1:1 mentoring" on the website)
Why do I believe that this system will work for me?
"I'll answer it in a slightly different way, 

Do you know why everything that you have done till now to improve the quality of your life has failed? 1 simple reason,

All of your measures are targeted at changing your behavior, this is so superficial. None of your measures dig deep to find out "why" are you subconsciously delaying decisions and action in your life?

That is where the root is, the real wound. Every behavior you put in is an outcome of your 98% mindset.What about your emotional well being? Who questions that? 

Now let me tell you why our SYSTEM works, 

  1. It targets the core from all 3 directions. your MINDSET, your EMOTIONAL WELL BEING and your then BEHAVIOR.  We believe in digging deep and doing real moving work. We call this technique as triangulation.
  2. It is rightly said, an experience makes you learn 100 times more than what just knowledge can permit. Our SYSTEM is an outcome of a self transformation journey,one that I have walked through myself. Where I was stuck in a self limiting life for 14 years. The way I transformed and recreated my life today, I'd say millions would be ready to experience it. 
  3. Till now you have focused at finding answers outside. We believe that's the easiest thing to do, which is why this methods doesn't work. We believe that the answers are neither outside nor in what you think but in "HOW YOU THINK"  i.e. your perception. But you should first be able to detach yourself from your existing wired way of perceiving yourself and your situation. Only then you can identify your patterns of thought and make the right amends. 
  4. Our SYSTEM is also backed by our continuous and extensive study in the field of human and change management principles. This program delivers experience, education, insight, accountability, mentoring and real action plan.
  5.  One of the most important reasons, this SYSTEM starts with YOU. It pulls you out of your victim zone of believing that things are happening to you and you can't turn it around. It enables you to TAKE CHARGE of yourself and enables you to work things around for yourself, and slowly you environment gets aligned. 
  6.  Apart from enabling you with robust, powerful and implementable strategies and techniques the SYSTEM will enable you to create a 45 DAYS ACTION PLAN, a step by step guide to what you need to do every single day to DESIGN YOUR DESTINY.
    If I register for the upcoming session and in case I am unable to participate, will it get trasferred to the next consecutive workshop?

    In case you are unable to attend the workshop, post registration, your money will get transferred to the following workshop dates with an additional transfer fee of 10% of the total amount as paid at the time of registration. A maximum of 1 such transfers shall be considered. Amount once paid shall be treated as non refundable. For further details please read through our payment policy guidelines. 

    How many times in a year is this program aligned?
    "Honestly can't promise, as we work extensively in the area of personal peak performance for people, we are swarmed with lot of personal mentoring requests and long term support journey. As soon as we get a breather we align an open public program, once in it we dedicate our-self to the current participants to ensure their exponential success. 

    Whenever we find a next window we then schedule another program accordingly. "
    How much time should I allocate everyday to put into practice the 6 week ACTION PLAN that I create?
    The beauty of the plan is that it is distilled to such a SMALL level as good as 1 activity per day that you are able to seamlessly incorporate in your life without the feeling of a major change in your schedule. These 10 minutes done as a practice each day brings in an unbelievable shift in you and your life. But the key word here is "EVERYDAY" because if you do not have 10 minutes for yourself in 24 hours then I'd say please continue being the victim.

    If you still have any questions "apart from the ones mentioned above", please fill up this form and we will get back to you over email.