Terms and Conditions

  This Terms and Condition (hereinafter referred to as terms) are made between;

Thinq On Purpose, a partnership firm, having registered address at “E-103/104, Maheshwari Nagar, Road No 16, MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400093”, that owns the Website www.nehaabeotra.com and www.thinqonpurpose.com, which shall be deemed to include its heirs, assigns and successors in interest, unless repugnant to the context.


YOU (“The User”)


The above-mentioned entities shall collectively be referred to as the ‘Parties’ and each, individually, shall be referred to as a ‘Party’, as the context may so require.

This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011.



  1. The parties agree that these terms are applicable to them and shall be in force for the duration that the User is a registered User of the platform.
  2. The Firm represents itself as a platform for personal progress and transformation. The Firm provides services such as:


  1.  Mentoring Services:

    The User shall opt for a program of their choice, through a registration link available on Digital and Social Networking platforms such as the Facebook page of the Firm, the Firm’s website, etc., The platform will make a variety of mentoring packages and programs available on their website. The customer can choose from any others available programs and packages. The programs and packages are also subject to change and at the sole discretion of Firm. Change here will include time, duration, format and price.

    1. The User may also opt for Group mentoring sessions.
    2. The User understands that the general mentoring program shall be a strictly online program with the session taking place over external video calling applications. The User further understands that, there exists a premium program for the same wherein, the User and the Mentor will meet offline at an external location, in situations where it is possible, to be decided by both the parties with additional charges. The session may also be cancelled by the Firm in case they find it not suitable to the User and the Firm may suggest different therapy appropriate for the User. The sessions may also be recorded for future reference and quality check. 
    3. The User understands that any scheduled session cannot be rescheduled more than one time only when a prior intimation is given to the Firm. The appointment will stand cancelled after it has been rescheduled one time, and the Firm shall not initiate a refund for the same.
    4. The User undertakes to perform all tasks and activities as mentioned and directed by the Mentor and shall not deviate from the plan that has been devised for the User. The User understands that the success of the Mentoring session depends upon the adherence of the plan, set by the Mentor, by the User. The Firm is not liable for any loss and or damages arising out of the availed Services.

  2.  Workshop

    1. The Firm utilizing their proprietary 5D system, shall engage the User in a 3-day workshop, hosted at a place that is at the discretion of the Firm, wherein the User shall spend the 3 days attending various sessions conducted by the Firm.
    2. The User undertakes to perform all tasks and activities as directed by the Firm during such sessions and workshops and shall not deviate from the plan that has been devised for the User. The User understands that the success of the workshop depends upon the adherence of the plan, set by the Firm, by the User.
    3. If the User by any situation missed the Workshop hosted by the Firm then, the User is given a chance of attending the next Workshop where 10% of the fee along with the tax must be paid in order to attend the Next Workshop. In case if they fail to attend both the workshop then no refund will be given.
    4. The User is given a chance of intimating to the Firm to cancel the workshop with the prior intimation with the considerable reason both in the first as well the second chance.

  3.  Online Learning Courses

    The User shall find our Services in the form of Videos, quizzes, e-learning courses, e-books, podcasts and other forms of multimedia on external third-party sites and applications. The User can avail these services from these Third-party locations, by making a payment to the respective third-party sites, application, platforms.

  4.  Webinars

       i.  The Firm shall host webinar sessions on the website of the Firm on a periodic basis, to which the User may subscribe.

    The User represents that:

    • He/she has the full authority, legal power and is competent to enter into and perform its contractual obligations as listed in these terms;
    • He/she shall not engage in any conduct on the Platform that is illegal in nature as per Indian law.
    • He/she shall, at all times, adhere to the terms of service and privacy policy of the Platform.
    • All the information and contents provided by the User, as required, to the Firm are true, correct and accurate.
  1. The User wishes to avail the Services offered by the Firm as per the terms contained in this Agreement.
  2. The parties acknowledge that the Website acts as a platform through which registered Users of the site can enrol themselves for Mentoring sessions, Workshops and Webinars hosted on the site and make payment for the same.
  3. By registering as a “User” with the Firm, the User acknowledges that the registration is personal and non-transferable. To register as a User, the desired applicant is required to provide details such as name, mobile number, email address, personal issues that are faced by them, etc. through a questionnaire and a contact form, prescribed by the Firm, for the same. The Firm reserves the right to deny any individual registration as a User, without proving a reason for the same.
  4. The User understands that if he/she has booked a mentoring session, the User must adhere to appointment time and date set by the User. The User may, shift the session for not more than one time, following which the session shall be considered to be cancelled. The User cannot claim a refund on the grounds that no session took place as a result of his shifting the session more than one time.
  5. The User agrees that they bear the responsibility to maintain confidentiality of their login and password details and all activities in relation to the same. Further, the User understands that he/she must furnish only accurate and truthful information. The Firm shall have the power to indefinitely suspend the account of the User if it believes that the User has furnished information that may not be true and fair.
  6. The User does not possess the right to cancel any order without valid cause, however the Firm/ platform retains the right to cancel any order as per its own discretion.
  7. The User agrees to make payments to the Firm prior to the utilization of the services, in case the user opts for a webinar, workshop or mentoring session. In a case where the User, opts for the Online learning course available at third-party locations, the third-party must collect payment on behalf of the Firm from the User, prior to providing the User access to the course.
  8. The Firm agrees that all sessions, whether mentoring, webinars, workshops or the online learning course are carried out by the designated mentors of the Firm and their Representatives.
  9. Any sensitive information of the Firm that is learned, in connection with and during the course of business carried out with the Firm, by the User must remain confidential at all times. Confidential/sensitive Information may include, without limitation:
    • the terms of this Agreement
    • the Firm’s business policies, finances, and business plans;
    • the Firm’s financial projections, including but not limited to, annual sales forecasts and targets;
    • sales information
    • the identity of the Users
    • the account terms and pricing upon which the Firm obtains services from its User;
    • the names and addresses of the Firm’s employees and other business contacts of the Firm; and
    • the techniques, methods, and strategies by which the Firm develops, updates and markets the Platform;
    • It will also include our proprietary “5D System of Transformation.

 10. The User undertakes to not disclose or make use of any confidential information directly or indirectly shall not directly without the prior written consent of the Firm. The User further agrees that if they or any of their officials/directors/personnel/employees/associates are questioned about information subject to this Agreement by anyone not authorized to receive such information, the User will notify the Firm within 24 hours.