5 secrets to Re-fire your Relationship & become a 
    "Power Couple"

Word From Nehaa

"I know how it feels being there as I have lived through that pain, insecurity, self-doubt and confusion in my relationship. I always believed I was doing everything right in my relationship so I should deserve all the happiness, so then why am I in so much misery? 

Why are we constantly fighting or giving each other long periods of silent treatment, where has all the emotional intimacy gone, why is there nothing left between the two of us to talk about. 

Let me be honest here, this gap in my relationship life had made me under-confident in other areas of my life too. (is that happening with you as well?). 

Thank god I was wise enough to respond to this internal emergency. I was sensible enough to realize that what I am going through in my relationship is not a condition it is an outcome. 

 There is something deeper that we need to solve as a couple to re-fire our  
 relationship life. 

The day we took that decision, everything just started falling in place. This journey transformed both of us as individuals and as a couple. 

 This is when we created our powerful methodology of Perception Changing and   my revolutionary 5 Step System. 

What I am about to give you in the program will enable you take charge of your self, FIRE UP your relationship life and stop being the victim."

Tell me something. Are any of these your relationship problems right now?

Problem #1

​You have unnecessary ego clashes & regular fights.

Problem #2

​You often end up misunderstanding each other.

Problem #3

​You feel deprived of attention and feeling of being taken care of. 

Problem #4

​There is quite a lot of expectation mismatch between the two of you.

Problem #5

​When arguments grow a lot, you do quick fix compromises but never solve the root cause. 

Problem #6

You both often hold yourself back from sharing what's on your heart & mind.

Problem #7

​You both have nothing much and common to talk about.

Problem #8

Your every conversation turns into an argument or a fight.

Problem #9

There is a lot of disharmony and irritation within you all the time.

Problem #10
You need meaningful communication AND emotional intimacy back.

Do You Know The Price You Are Paying By Choosing Not To Work On Your RELATIONSHIP?

First, you need to stop making these 4 deadly mistakes right now.


Continue to argue on the same issues again and again or give each other silent treatment. 

See where has it got you.


Sit and hope that someday the issues will get resolved by themselves. 

Trust me they will only grow


Brush the issues under the carpet to avoid confrontations. 

This is a silent killer, very dangerous and worst option

Mistake #4

Talking about your problems with friends & family who may be biased in their approach.

They have good intentions but that's not your solution right?

 Understand, you never “are” lucky in a relationship, you always
​ “make” lucky. 

Here are some powerful facts you should know !

 Fact 1:   Do you realize, that you and your partner have been fighting over the "same" issue/s again and again? Haven't you?  

 Fact 2:  Do you know, ​research suggests that about 69% of these issues are unsolvable? Do you know which one are yours?

 Fact 3:  Do you know, every time you throw more toxic behavior (silent, violent, submissive, avoid etc.) in your relationship, you are sowing a new seed of your future misery? 

 Fact 4:  Do you know, it is not love that has gone out of the window, but it is your inability to communicate and solve problems collectively.


  • You understand and be understood in your relationship.
  • Be Lovers for life.
  • You feel valued and taken care of. 
  • You  create Confidence in the relationship to communicate freely.
  • You create a meaningful bond and grow together.
  • You bring out the best in each other.
  • You resolve your conflicts with compassion and ease.

If your answer is YES, Then this is "exactly" what you need

You need a step by step robust system that gives you effective strategies and techniques that enables you to find: 

  • Why has your relationship become like this over a period of time? 
  • What are your relationship blind spots?
  • What is preventing you from creating "communication intimacy"?
  • How to eliminate your external visible struggles (fights, disagreements, arguments) and the internal struggle (self-doubt, low self worth, low self belief) that keeps you up at night.

Unless you know what you’re doing wrong, how can you start making it right ?

You need a mentor who :

  • Shares your pain. 
  • Has gone through where you are. 
  • Has recreated a relationship life of confidence, clarity and high self worth.
  • Will be honest and unbiased to you.

You need a step by step Action Plan that:

  • Ensures you bring a long term transformation in your relationship. 
  • Tells you what you need to do everyday to keep that spark alive.

You get All of this and much more in this ULTIMATE PROGRAM...

 Here's the transformation that you can expect after undergoing the program

    You will be able to master all of these:
  • Break that fear mindset that is holding you back from taking those effective actions "everyday" that will reconnect you to your partner.
  • Master self awareness, make sound judgement to choose strong effective behavior that you willfully want to put in your relationship.
  • Become a Deep listener so that you are able to understand and connect with real meaning and mindset behind your partner's behavior.
  • Tap into your inner worth, strength and courage to take charge of yourself and your relationship life to recreate your happiness.
  • Feel empowered to consistently follow through on what you have learned to create unstoppable momentum in your life.
  • Get powerful resources for creating immediate, measurable and lasting change.
  • Use new techniques of communication to talk freely about your feelings, needs and wants with your partner, without the fear of any disconnect or rejection.
  • Switch your fired up consistent arguments to healthy, meaningful and actionable discussions.

  • Understand the reasons for the existing disconnect with your partner and apply effective techniques to bridge that gap.
  • Instantly feel the difference in the quality of your relationship life not just with your partner but even other relationships around you.
  • Create a 6 week action plan, to follow and consistently measure your progress of transformation.


Why are we so confident about your transformation.?

Because "Our SYSTEM WORKS !"

1. High Quality Curriculum 

It helps you master the 5 powerful elements of breaking your existing barriers and creating a relationship life you truly deserve.

2. Unique Perception Changing System

The system targets your transformation from 3 directions. Your mindset, your emotional well-being and your behavior. 

Every behavior you display is an outcome of your 98% mindset. First we work on your mindset, so that your behavior is automatically taken care of.

3. Experiencing the Transformational Shift

It enables you to shatter your existing perception blocks, by undergoing &"experiencing" the transformational shift within.

4. Community Support

Learn and grow by being part of the "LOVE CONQUERERS" community (online) which brings in accountability to your transformation.

5. Action Plan for 6 Weeks

You possess a 6 week Action oriented material where every technique, Worksheet, Exercise & Tool is so effectively crafted that you’re able to retain and integrate the new practices, behavior to create a confident, intimate relationship life.

Don't Wait, ACT NOW !

What will you learn in this program

Module 1 : How is your current mindset of denial making you stay in the zone of discomfort? How to develop their own awareness?

 Key highlights 

  1. No. 1 reason on what is stopping you from creating a healthy, strong and thriving relationship life.
  2. How to identify if you are living in a state of RELATIONSHIP ISSUES denial?
  3. Are you growing together or growing apart?
  4. The 3 essential pre-requisites for a healthy loving relationship.
  5. How to stop living with current discomfort and start believing you deserve more.

Module 2: Discovery of your RELATIONSHIP BLUEPRINT

 Key highlights 

  1. Which stage is your relationship at? Do you know there are stages to a relationship?
  2. What language do you speak to yourself about yourself in the relationship?
  3. What are your beliefs about your relationship?
  4. What are those everyday hesitations that are making your relationship lifeless?
  5. What is your preferred love language?
  6. Where is the expectation mismatch?
  7. What is your intimacy gap quotient?
  8. 2 mindsets that power couples use? Do you have that?
  9. What are your relationship and self, blind spots?
  10. Discover if your immediate environment is it the cause?
  11. Discover your SPACE QUOTIENT in the relationship?
  12. And much more..
Module 3: Disconnect to connect back

 Key highlights 

  1. Understand where all of this discomfort, started.
  2. 4 step technique to find out the root cause of your relationship problem.
  3. May be it's not them...may be it's you.
  4. Get your hands on to the incredible I.N.T.I.M.A.C.Y Formula to bring in a total relationship shift.

Module 4: Disrupt to create new powerful relationship habits

 Key highlights 

  1. How to build a relationship growth mindset through the ACCEPTANCE FRAMEWORK.
  2. Create 4 foundations of a strong relationship.
  3. How to stop destructive conflicts and create meaningful discussions.
  4. How to reignite love and intimacy.
  5. How to put the wisdom to constructive action that RE-FIRES YOUR LIFE ?
  6. Eliminate some essential habits in you that might be consequently preventing your relationship success.

Module 5: Action Planning

 Key Highlights

    1. Create your 3 step RELATIONSHIP VISION FRAMEWORK based on your true desires.
    2. Create 6 week action plan, to follow and consistently measure your progress of rebuilding the lost communication intimacy.
    3. Design step by step TOGETHERNESS FRAMEWORK to recreate powerful communication system between both of you.


Program requirement

This is a couple's program. So you need to attend it with your partner. 

* Please note that a partner is someone you are in a committed romantic relationship / married to.

My work is not for you if,

  • You want quick fixes in your life.
  • Want to take your relationship for granted.
  • Can't face the reality and be honest about what's missing in your love life now.
  • Don't want to take control of your life to be happy from the inside out. 

Let's summarize what all you will get !

BENEFIT #1:   

3 DAYS of intensive inner work in a star rated property.(non-residential)

BENEFIT #2:            

  • 3 Reinforcement tools that enable you take consistent action in your relationship.
  • 2 STEP Relationship SPICE UP declarations that keep your relationship priorities in place.

BENEFIT #3:            

Action oriented material, Worksheets, Exercises & Tools that are effectively crafted so that you’re able to retain, integrate the new practices, behavior to create an unbelievably thriving relationship.

BENEFIT #4:            

Work with like minded people, learn through experiences and get this deep realization that , you are not alone in this journey.

BENEFIT #5:                           

6 week action plan a  step-by-step road-map to recreating your relationship life.

BENEFIT #6:                                                      

You will be entitled to a CERTIFICATE of participation, post you complete the workshop.

Also, An irresistible OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH NEHAA where she will PERSONALLY be your MENTOR handhold you at every step to walk you through the other side of your transformation journey. (more details to be shared in the program)

After the workshop and 100% application of the 
​5 -step system, you can expect

  • Both of you will take effective actions "everyday" and rekindle the emotional intimacy in our relationship.
  • You will create a healthy, strong and thriving relationship life.
  • You will listen to each other and value each other's opinion and perspective.
  • You will be using the new resources to immediately create communication, intimacy and freely share your needs and desires with each other.
  • You will use the new techniques of communication and end your misunderstandings with each other.
  • You will be able to make healthy, vibrant, meaningful and actionable discussions everyday.
  • You will be able to spark-up your current boring and routine life.

I know you want all of this right? Then what's the wait?


Nehaa loves decision makers and fast action takers, so here is an incredible offer for you, If you register for the program now..!


Be a part of the INNER MASTERMIND online community where you get regular self assessments, learning material, latest tools to progress consistently. 
(*once you complete the program)


Get an exclusive 60 minute 
Pre-Discovery 1:1 session with 
Nehaa before the workshop.

Worth INR 2499/- + GST 
absolutely FREE !


Get the 


that is the ULTIMATE TOOL 

to charge up 

your everyday 



Something that can move your internal compass is what I say is PRICELESS. 

What took me 5 years to figure out, you will get it in 5 steps and 3 days only. 

 If not this, do you know what are your alternatives?  
  • A separation cripples you emotionally, financially and if you have a child, then you are setting up a disaster for him/her.
  • You’ll spend in unnecessary therapies that have a higher failure rate than success.
  • You will keep on talking to your friends who may have the best intent but no solution.

We have this dream… a dream where communication intimacy gap, every day struggle and misery of a painful relationship is past tense (I have been in one so I share the pain).

 Which is why I'm offering this ULTIMATE Program for an INVESTMENT   that is so very small. 

We Want Us Now !


   IS it going to be a STUCK, painful, unhappy relationship, an expensive separation,    
​or is it going to be 
   a journey of a new you creating a relationship life of confidence, clarity, direction,  

  communication intimacy and connection.  

We Want to Register Us Now !

 What Some of the Action Takers Say About Us 

Your Questions Answered Here

When is the upcoming program scheduled?

The upcoming program is planned for December 6,7,8, 2019.

What problems does this program help resolve?

Here are some of the many symptoms that the program will help you solve:

  • You feel ignored, un-cared and unloved in your relationship.
  • You feel that you are the one who is doing everything right but not getting the due attention and love.
  • You feel your relationship is stuck in silence, you and your partner do not have anything in common to talk about anymore.
  • You are just co existing and there is no intimacy, emotional closeness.
  • Every time you want to say or do something to work it out some kind of hesitation stops you.
  • You hold on or have pent up emotions.
  • Every conversation is turning into an argument.
  • You argue on the same issues again and again or give silent treatment.
  • You are talking about your relationship to everybody but your partner.
  • Communication breaking down between the two of you.
  • You are brushing the issues under the carpet to avoid confrontations.
  • You are sitting and hoping that someday your issues will get resolved by themselves.

Nehaa,will I get answer to all my queries personally from you?
The 5 Step Perception Changing system is the answer to all your questions. It is so strong that it will make you question yourself and you will realize that all this time you had the answers within you, all you needed is a direction. 

As you will work with people just like you, by their questions and situations being discussed, you will find all your answers as well. Nehaa will be LIVE there with you to answer your questions, however in case there is anything that you will want to discuss and is very personal to you, you can always opt for a 90 minute personal mentoring with Nehaa either before or after the program (details available under the tab called "1:1 mentoring" on the website)
Why do I believe that this system will work for me?
"I'll answer it in a slightly different way, 

Do you know why everything that you have done till now to improve the quality of your relationship life has failed? 
1 simple reason, 

All of your measures targeted at changing your behavior, this is so superficial. None of your measures dig deep to find out "why" are you (both) subconsciously (I know you don't do it willfully) put in  toxic behaviors in your relationship? 

That is where the root is, the real wound. Every behavior you put in is an outcome of your 98% mindset. What about your emotional well being? Who questions that?                               

Now let me tell you why our SYSTEM works, 

1. It targets the core from all 3 directions. your MINDSET, your EMOTIONAL WELL BEING and your then BEHAVIOR.  We believe in digging deep and doing real moving work. We call this technique as triangulation. 

2. It is rightly said, an experience makes you learn 100 times more than what just knowledge can permit. 

Our SYSTEM is an outcome of a self transformation journey, one that I have walked through myself. Where I was stuck in a limiting relationship life for 10 years. The way I transformed and recreated my relationship life today, I'd say millions would be ready to experience it.

3. Traditional methods or I'd say the methods you have tried till now focus at finding who is at fault, you or your partner. We believe that's the easiest thing to do, which is why these methods don't work. We believe there is nothing right and wrong, it is only a matter of perception and perspective. But you should first be able to detach yourself from your existing wired way of perceiving yourself and your situation. Only then you can identify your and your partner's patterns of thought and make the right amends. 

4. Our SYSTEM is also backed by our continuous and extensive study in the field of human and change management principles. This program delivers experience, education, insight, accountability, mentoring and real action plan.

5. Lastly one of the most important reasons, this SYSTEM starts with YOU. It pulls you out of your victim zone of believing that things are happening to you and you can't turn it around. It enables you to TAKE CHARGE  of yourself first and enables you to work things around for yourself first, become the ideal person in the relationship first, start putting in the right behaviors first and then your relationship and your partner responds exponentially in response. 

6. Apart from enabling you with robust, powerful and implementable strategies and techniques the SYSTEM will enable you to create a 6 WEEK ACTION PLAN, a step by step guide to what you need to do every single day to RE-FIRE YOUR RELATIONSHIP LIFE. "
If I register for the upcoming session and incase I am unable to participate, will it get trasferred to the next consecutive workshop?

In case you are unable to attend the workshop, post registration, your money will get transferred to the following workshop dates with an additional transfer fee of 10% of the total amount as paid at the time of registration. A maximum of 1 such transfers shall be considered. Amount once paid shall be treated as non refundable. For further details please read through our payment policy guidelines. 

How many times in a year is this program aligned?
"Honestly can't promise, as we work extensively in the area of relationship and personal peak performance for people, we are swarmed with lot of personal mentoring requests and long term support journey. As soon as we get a breather we align an open public program. Once in it we dedicate our-self to the current participants to ensure their exponential success. 

Whenever we find a next window we then schedule another program accordingly. "
How much time should I allocate everyday to put into practice the 6 week ACTION PLAN that I create?
The beauty of the plan is that it is distilled to such a small level as good as 1 activity per day that you are able to seamlessly incorporate it in your life without any feeling of a major change in your schedule. But these 10 minutes done as a practice each day brings in an unbelievable shift in your relationship. But the key word here is "EVERYDAY" because if you don't have 10 minutes for yourself in 24 hours then I'd say please continue living in discomfort.
We Want to Register Us Now !

If you still have any questions "apart from the ones mentioned above", please fill up this form and we will get back to you over email.